( ありがとう ございました。"~)

Finaly >.< !!! ~ harvest moon ...

We meet again my Favorite game ^^ " that is = Harvest Moon Back To Nature 
ii use to play it on PS1 , but our Ps is... Well it died : ( " i've been longing to play this game since 2007 "
and finally . Harvest Moon I'm ready To start my adventure again , but this time in PC version " ^-^ ' ~

Say what !! am i talking nonsense , shut up !! this is my diary , Since its more easier to type than writing ^^ "

That's all fer now , update soon ^o* ' ~

I change my new style recently ^^ "

Its my first time wearing Selendang ^^ "  well i think it fits me well " 

Before ( My Common look
^o^ ! ~

After  ^~^ " ~

our natural beauty la sangat ^o^ " hoho ~ "

There's are time we din't wear any makeup,  is totally at school ^^ " 

When we all get together ~ 
We are a dork i guess , cause we are wearing glasses ^^ "
Introducing DIQINO "
For short Dian , Qila & Nora

Merdeka ^o^ " ~

Compare with our face with make up ^^ "

Don't look at the guys , Look at our picture ^^ "
Not much of a different ey ^~^ "
Well that's a relief , cause that's shows that we did not wear to much make up ^^ " 

That's all there is and there isn't anymore "

I still remember B O U N O "

They make me wanna have the cleanest face ever , but it turns out my face getting more pimple after wanting a face like Airi " ^o^ " ~ 

They use to be C cute when they younger , but it seems like there's only three of them who still together "

Airi <3 !! ~

Soohee Unnie's Pretty Face !!! ^^ "

Ever since i knew that Kim Hee Chul really likes Soo Hee " makes me wanna be pretty like unnie too "

Unnie i wish i could be as pretty and cute like you , i love ur face that is cute like sunny and beautiful like seohyun ^^ "
Sunny Unnie "
Seohyun unnie "
<3 ! ~

GTA - San andreas lol " ^~^ "~

Since i'm so bored ... at home , i play this stupid game lol , its not stupid actually but its a violent game '
And also these people on the games kept sayin stupid words makes me laugh while playin .
the words such as " Try to keep up mother f***ker " i mean what the heck !!! 
funny cause even if we r not doin anything the people in the game kept sayin " a ah u stinkin punk " lol "
And while doin a mission words they kept talking inside the car while i was driving the car " Cj's u stupid , my Soda !! its all over the f**kin floor " Man ... i kept on hearing bad words , the ladies in the games kept sayin " get away from ma face bi**h " Gosh ... what a word " but i like to play it . Since i'm sooo boring i go and explore all the places in the games and kept kilin people loll ^o^ "  necessarily the other gangster always wanna to kill me "
what a bother . well if we kill people of course police will chase us , but i find out there's a cheat in the internet "
since then there's no way the police can touch me at all . and i'm free to invade any kind of place i want include the police station ^o^ " ~  

OM Gosh ~ Have you ever seen this ????

This a movie called A Little thing called Love "
Its sooo romantic you know !!! 

                  The ordinary 14 years old girl name Nam , she's unattractive or simple call.. the UGLY ! 
            But she had secretly in love with older guy in grade 10 name Chon , the most Popular student in 
             high school . he's hot , perfect and generous . That's make girls in school going crazy about him , 
including Nam too . But she doesn't give up easily . She tried to do everything to made her pretty
     good and outstanding in school . because she hopes him turn around at her just once more time ^o^ "~ 

PP shone is soo awww makes my heart flatters " <3 !!!

Love is infinite right ? > : ( " !!!!

I don't know , i've been watching  The first wife club drama at 1HD channel "

Well its seems like we the future wife to be can't be greedy right "
All i want is my husband to mine and mine alone , watching the drama makes me cried a lot ,
Of all the unfaithful husband urg !!! makes me wanna slap their faces "
But our husband can married another three ladies right " 
because of that i've been thinking , what's the use if your husband loves you but in love with someone else ?  
I mean it would be so hard for us ladies to catch the guys attentions and their hearts , but at the end "
The man's just can't get enough of it " there may be some wife's whom is crying right now .
thinking about their husband " i don't know maybe its the way Allah teaches us how to be patient and try to -
to face the challenges that comes ahead of us " Ohh well if that is Allah way to test us , I'm pleased to face the fact that we are going faces this kind of issues " Even though its going to hurt a lot "

this kind of issues makes me think that what the use of us ladies to love someone so hard and when we are married this kind of issues will happens in our life's ' 
I guess only Allah knows what's our life's going to be "
and the wisdom behind the our life's  '

Thats all for now ^^ " 
Totally boring " 


I'm Looking Forward to their next Album ^o^ " Unnie ga Oppa ga , Hwaiting ^o^ " `

SM Family  

Studio Ghibli ( One of my favourite ^o^ " ~ )

I really Loves studio Ghibli Films all of it " Love the drawing the story and all , Disney started to play all of studio Ghibli collection every Saturday now " and the audio its English easy for me to watch without reading the subtitle "

The main theme was Totoro , the cutes thing ever ^o^ " `
Here is the Logo " 

STUDIO GHIBLI | Love your art A lot "

I love Play Gaiaonline ^^ "

I made my avi dress up as IU U&I dress up ^^ ' 
Love the song , makes me relax ^o^ ~

The first thing that i love about gaia that , its like a cosplay but you gotta dress up your avatar ^^ "
Its not that easy cause the item is kinda expansive , but you gotta work hard to collect your own gold ^^ " 
Here are some of my collection of Gaia : `-

This is my avatar Collection , well its looks kinda girlish but that's who i am so i like to make my avi as i wanted , and if you notice that my item its all the same such as the white roses petals , it because i like it and its very expensive so i don't want to sell it lol . So if you guys are interest in cosplay , you can visit Gaia and check it out^^ "

Well here is the Link to Gaiaonline"

In progress ...

 Saya melihat kelas baru saya, " alamak hampir semua saya tidak kenal, macam mana kalau tidak ada seorang pun yang mahu jadi rakan saya ? " Cepat-cepat saya mendapatkan tempat, akhirnya dapat juga tempat dengan harapan dapat kawan baru yang ramai . Tiba-tiba seorang gadis duduk disebelah saya, saya melihat mukanya dan berasa seperti saya mengenali gadis ini . " Oh ya , nama dia adalah Mary, dia pernah satu kelas dengan saya ketika kami berumur 7tahun, adakah dia masih ingat kepada saya ?? " Dia memandang ke arah saya dan senyum , ketika itu saya tahu yang dia masih ingat kepada saya, saya berasa sangat gembira, saya yakin dia ini akan menjadi rakan saya. Rakan yang rapat dengan saya semua berada di kelas ketiga, dan hanya saya seorang sesat dikelas kedua, memang gembira mendapat kelas kedua kerana kelas kedua adalah natara kelas tinggi di sekolah tersebut, tetapi masalah untuk mencari rakan baru sangat sukar, dan begitu juga dengan saingan dalam pendidikan.

Sadly , (Sedihnya : ( " )

Tak tahu lah , tetapi kadang2 sedih je , kenapa lah , semua orang di dunia ini ade sahaja perasaan marah , benci ?? kita semua kan manusia biasa kenapa mesti perlu marah2 . kecewa betul saya bila memikirkannya , kadang2 tersedar bila tengok laman sosial sendiri ... ada sahaja orang yang tak puas hati , kita tak jahat kan , kenapa mesti perlu macam tu . tolong lah kalau betul2 ada perasaan macam tu , jangan lah add kan . Sedih lah kenapa mesti macam tu ??

Mula-mula mungkin rasa seronokkan " waaa ramai orang nak jadi kawan kita " , tetapi bila dah ramai yang kenal kita , Allah susah nya dunia ini , ada yang suka mengata , ada tiba-tiba marah , sebab apa ? sebab saya tak layan , ya Allah! , dah nampak ramai sangat orang , bukan senang nak layan satu-satu kan , saya dah bagitahu yang sayaa jarang buka massage , tetapi tak perlulah marah kan , kita sendiri ada hak , tak ada hak lah orang lain nak marah kita kan , kadang-kadang ada yang hantar " awak ni muka memang baik , tetapi saya tahu perangai sebenar awak " Uwaahhh , terkejut nya , kenapa saya ni macam mana sebenarnya , saya tak jahat , saya bukan selalu keluar rumah pun , ish2 geram je tengok , ntah lah sabar je lah dengan apa2 cabaran pun , mungkin tak lama lagi kalau keadaan semakin teruk , saya akan hentikan semua laman sosial saya " demi kebaikan diri ^^ " 

I type my story all in Malay now ^^ " cause my grammar sucks lol ^^ " 
that's all for now , ill update soon "

Update New pcture "

Ambil gambar ketika balik dari KLCC & PWTC " huhu Penat je pergi sana ~

Shopping List ^^ "

Wanna buy some Cloth , jeans and shoe ,
But i don't know when can i buy this stuff

Oh yes !! ^o^ '
even though i din't get to buy LG lollipop ,
At least i've got my own corby II now , lol "
i know its much cheaper
but i like it cause it is soooo Cute ^~^ "

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